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Your body and mind in balance

Vancouver Rolfing and Massage

How Does Rolfing Work?

The word Rolfing describes a unique form of bodywork. Rolfing structural integration is a certified, registered practice, conducted by professionals known as Rolfers™.

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Benefits of Rolfing

The benefits of rolfing are numerous. Rolfing is used to treat chronic back pain, improve posture & spine health, improve breathing, asthma, and many more.

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The Rolfing 10 Series

I offer what’s called the Rolfing 10 series; 10 Rolfing sessions, spaced one week apart, where each builds upon the last to move your body toward a natural, erect alignment.

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Meet Stephen Inaba

Certified Advanced Rolfer & Registered Massage Practitioner

Stephen’s background in massage therapy, and extensive training and experience in the Rolf method allows him to encourage the body back to balance, and attain a biomechanically efficient structure. This harmony allows for optimal functioning in all aspects of life.

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